oleh Natalia Yewen, Asia Justice and Rights

“Tanah yang punya hak bapak-bapak. Bapak-bapak yang jual tanah. Mama-mama tidak punya hak untuk bicara di depan,”

— E, seorang mama dari Unurum Guay

Foto oleh Nurlaila Lamasitudju, diambil di Kabupaten Boven Digoel, Papua, tahun 2019

Begitulah pernyataan Mama E, dari distrik Unurum Guay, Kabupaten Jayapura, Papua. Itulah kenyataan yang dihadapi oleh perempuan Papua sebagai bentuk dari diskriminasi domestik yang dialami oleh mereka. Perempuan tidak memiliki hak untuk berbicara terkait tanah adat. Yang memiliki hak adalah laki-laki, padahal perempuan Papua lah yang memiliki peran besar dalam mengolah tanah. …

by Dodi Yuniar, Indonesia Program Manager of Asia Justice and Rights

Throughout President Joko Widodo’s second administration, we cannot help but wonder whether his commitment to human rights, which narratives benefitted him greatly in the 2014 and 2019 elections, rings true to his actions today. These narratives swayed voters supportive of democracy and human rights his way, providing him with an upper hand against Prabowo Subianto, who was allegedly involved in human rights violations during the New Order. In his campaign program, called Nawacita or Nine-Ideals, Jokowi promised to investigate and resolve gross human rights violations.

The Indonesian government can…

oleh Anindya Amanda, Asia Justice and Rights

Pada tanggal 30 Juni 2020, sekitar 100 orang — kebanyakan diantaranya tidak saling kenal satu sama lain — dari berbagai daerah di Indonesia bertemu secara daring dan berbagi cerita mengenai simbol diri dan harapan. Mereka adalah para peserta yang tergabung dalam Kursus Online Hak Asasi Manusia dan Keadilan Transisi yang diselenggarakan oleh Asia Justice and Rights (AJAR), Serikat Pengajar HAM (SEPAHAM) Indonesia dan Transitional Justice Asia Network (TJAN). Sesi tersebut merupakan awal dari perjalanan para peserta dalam menyelami pembelajaran teori dan praktik HAM dan keadilan transisi.

Dengan tujuan untuk menciptakan masyarakat yang adil…

by Mulki Makmun, Asia Justice and Rights

This story was written to honour the victims of Enforced Disappearances as a commemoration of the International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances on 30 August 2020.

Working for almost three years with Stolen Children from Timor-Leste, I will never forget the moment I first witnessed a reunion back in November 2017. It was memorable, not only for the Stolen Children and their families, but for everyone touched by their stories.

One particular story that deeply affected me was that of Antonio, a man already in his 40s, who had been taken…

by Pia Conradsen, Asia Justice and Rights

Quilts produced after participatory study with women in the Rohingya Refugee Camps, Bangladesh — conducted by Asia Justice and Rights (AJAR) with the Liberation War Museum (LWM)

In 1981, the UN voiced concern over continued disregard and infringement of the right to freedoms of thought, conscience and religion, asserting that states must do more to stop hate crimes and promote interfaith initiatives. This was made clear in the General Assembly Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms Intolerance and Discrimination Based on Religion and Belief.

On this day, 22 August, we commemorate the International Day of Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Religion or Belief to combat intolerance, discrimination and violence against people by promoting religious tolerance and cultural…

by Morentalisa Hutapea and Galuh Wandita, Asia Justice and Rights

A foreword for our short documentary Indigenous Women of Mpur Swor — The Land, Water, and Forest Belong to Us

As Indonesia’s economic growth plunges towards rock-bottom — its worst performance in two decades — we must give pause to the model we have pursued relentlessly. The pandemic has shown us that the planet (and our islands) can no longer sustain our consumerist model of development. Where short-term monetary gain trumps locally-driven, sustainable and circular economic systems. …

Lessons from TJ Efforts in Nepal, Aceh, and the Asia Region

Transitional Justice Asia Network (TJAN) hosted a series of webinars exploring how different contexts have been coping with transitional justice efforts during COVID-19. Our second webinar focused on pushing for accountability and lessons from TJ efforts in Nepal, Aceh (Indonesia), and across the wider Asia region.

As the world continues to adjust to a new reality where the health threat of COVID-19 takes precedence over all other agendas, some citizens find their leaders reverting back to familiar and abusive patterns. Across Asia, people are experiencing greater restrictions on freedoms, militarised and violent responses under the guise of ‘pandemic task forces’…

Short Video Series in Burmese Language

For many decades, Myanmar, as a result of civil war and political violence, has experienced serious human rights violations. Even today, certain ethnic areas continue to experience abuse, and victims and survivors suffer both physical and mental trauma.

Many people suffering trauma face new challenges because of ongoing conflicts. Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced into IDP and refugee camps where they struggle to meet their daily needs. Ex-political prisoners and their families, who endured physical and mental challenges, struggle to rebuild their lives.

The Covid-19 pandemic is an additional source of…

by Patrick Burgess, President of Asia Justice and Rights

When AJAR was founded, with a mission to help break the cycles of mass human rights violations occurring across the Asia Pacific region, we identified key contributors to these cycles — lack of accountability, impunity, and intolerance. The past decade has reinforced our belief in the fundamental importance of these factors.

A Rohingya woman sits in her shelter in the refugee camps of Bangladesh, sewing a panel of her memory living in Myanmar. AJAR with the Liberation War Museum (LWM) of Bangladesh conducted a participatory study with women in the Rohingya Refugee Camps.

The emergence of the COVID-19 virus in November brought a new global reality. As countries struggle to control the health threat, we are again confronted with the impact of a lack of accountability, impunity, and corruption linked to authoritarian regimes…

Asia Justice and Rights

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